Adventure Bike Rider Festival 2021, review

My review and videos from the ABR Festival 2021

I was lucky enough to visit the Aventure Bike Rider Festival 2021 and you know what it was fantastic!!! 

The Adventure Bike Rider Festival ran from the 24th June through to the 27th at the historic Ragley Hall and Gardens.
The unique thing about the Adventure Bike Rider Festival is that you are able to bring your own bike or test ride many of the bikes on offer at the show, you can either ride them on the course or designated road course.

Ducati Stand

I rode up on my fully laden Yamaha MT-01, its only a 2 hour ride from my house up the M5 . I arrived on Friday evening and setup camp, my Dad and his Friend had already arrived.
My Dad brought his Honda CRF250 Rally, and had kindly offered me a ride on the trail.

My Yamaha MT-01 next to the Honda CRF250 Rally
My MT-01 Fully loaded

The ABR 2021 had two courses a 5KM course and a 20KM course, mixed into these courses where easy and expert sections. You can choose to ride either, I opted for the long easy route on my first trip out see the video below. 

This was my first time riding off road and the Honda CRF250 Rally really complimented me, I was able to ride confidently and fast! 
This bike is not standard it has Hyperpro Front and Rear Springs tyres, a Delkevic full system and a cool on board camera.

Riding this bike as it’s so light and forgiving you can just throw it around, the Hyperpro springs are supple and allow for easy riding over even the biggest ruts. I am no expert but it made my time very enjoyable.

Out again on the expert sections

Later on I went out again, this time to tackle the expert sections I felt confident enough to do them. Unfortunately my run got cut short due to an accident on the circuit, but you can check out my run below.

The ABR 2021 was amazing and well organised, unfortunately I didn’t get to test any new bikes on the trail but riding the Honda CRF250 Rally was good enough for me! 

Over all the festival was excellent, I will definitely be going again at some stage! Please check out my Instagram page and facebook page for more pictures and video’s from the event! 

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