Amazing Diorama

So this website is not just about RC and bikes its also about other cool things I like or appreciate.

One thing I always find really fascinating is how people can be so incredibly detailed when producing these model’s or dioramas

One excellent youtuber is CraftSatation he makes pretty much anything but his skills in diorama are just incredible.

This video was brought to my attention on MSUK an excellent forum for all stuff RC, its basically a diorama of a WW2 scene of a CRASHED JU 87 B2 STUKA.

Crashed JU87 B2 STUKA Diorama

Above is a grabbed shot of the finished item the detail is just amazing, those rocks on the right could almost be real. The water looks wet and the excellent coloration draws your eye in.

Although the end result of this video is stunning the main part of this video for me is where the real fascination, watching someone put something together with such skill is just awesome.
Probably because whenever I attempt to glue anything I normally end up needing a trip to A and E! So I just watch in ore how these guys do things!

Making the rocks

Making the rocks

One part of the video that had me was the way they make the rocks, above you can see that they actually look a bit rubbish. However the process of bringing them up to a realistic looking rock face is brilliant.

It just goes to show you how incredible the guys attention to detail is!

So without further a do I present to you this excellent video

Take the time to watch it all the way through to appreciate what this guy does trust me its amazing!

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