Lockdown back flips with my Arrma Outcast 6s!

Practicing back flips in the garden….

My Arrma Outcast doesn’t feature that much here and I suppose the main reason is that its because it cost me a lot of money compared to my other RC’s and I don’t wanna break it!

Bit Ironic for an RC that’s designed for bashing, and the other reason is that when I play with it I forget to film it. That’s because I am having so much fun with it!

I brought the car last year from modelsports ebay page, as they were doing an offer on the V3 Outcast 6s. The V4 had just been released and I guess they were just getting rid of old stock!

So this weekend just gone I thought I need to get the hang of back flips, the car is basically designed to do it so why not!
I decided to build a crude ramp out of some bits I had in my garage, and man is it crude but you can see from the video that it does the flippin’ job!

I needed a ramp that would get the car into the air quick to allow me to get a flip in before hitting the fence, or even worse flying over next doors fence!

I can’t imagine knocking on my neighbors door and asking for my RC car back!

A bit about my Arrma Outcast 6s V3

My Arrma Outcast is actually totally standard apart from the transmitter and receiver I use a Flysky i6 with mine and you can see the video on why I use a flySky i6 and how I set mine up here

I vowed to only upgrade parts as they broke, this session did cause some breakages. A diff and the rear wing mount, so I have ordered some new parts and some diff oils.

I run my outcast on 5000 MAH 50C 6s batteries on xt90 connectors, this works well for me at the moment. One thing people have told me to do is to change the diff oils to put more power to the rear and reduce tyre ballooning at the front during acceleration, well as I am going to be repairing a diff I decided to go ahead and get some new diff oil too.

I have decided to go with the following, I will report back when its all tested!

  • 30k Rear
  • 100k Center
  • 10k front

I sourced my oils here

Anyway enough waffle here is the video, I have just brought some new video editing software still getting used to it but its a step up from Windows Movie Maker

Arrma Outcast Spec

  • Tough, powerful, and ready for extreme stunts anywhere – over all terrain, in all conditions
  • Ready to defy gravity right out of the box, The 6S outcast BLX delivers the torque, acceleration, and speed to perform Wheelies, donuts, flips and tricks with ease
  • Waterproof BLX185 ESC, ads-15m servo, and radio receiver box let you hit the roughest terrains in the most extreme conditions With no problem
  • Includes: outcast RC stunt truck | Spectrum 2.4GHz STX2 TX | SRX200 RX | ads-15m metal gear servo | BLX185 ESC | BLX4074 2050Kv Brushless motor

Fancy one?

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