Bar End Mirrors for Yamaha MT-01

Excellent bar end mirrors for my Yamaha MT-01

The Yamaha MT-01 is a bit of a vibey beast, and most of those vibes tend to be through the mirrors. This creates a rather useless pair of mirrors that all you can see is your elbows anyway!
I had noticed that alot of owners especially in Europe go for the bar end mirrors, it wasn’t something I had ever considered before. However I was starting to think it actually looks really cool!
I went for a set of these CNC Bar End mirrors
Plus a set of these to fill the holes where the mirrors used to go Mirror Blanking Plugs

Here is the end result

The mirrors are really easy to fit, however in the pack you need the slightly narrower fitting which needs to be pushed out of the wider fitting!
That took me a long time to figure out!

I think they look really good on the bike, the compliment the look of the MT-01 so well. Being CNC they are an excellent finish and really solid.

They seem to reduce the vibrations through the bars, which is odd as I would have thought removing the standard bar end weights would have increased the vibes? I also have a better view, it took some adjusting to get a decent view but once set all good!

So excellent little bolt on for the MT-01!

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