Change the way you SAT NAV with Beeline

Excellent simple to use, easy to mount motorcycle Sat Nav

Using a navigation system on a motorcycle can actually be a bit of a pain, you need either a navigation system that you bolt on the bike or use your phone. Strapped to the handlebars out in the elements, I personally use my phones Bluetooth to tell me where to go using my helmets Bluetooth system. However that has its limitations, it needs to be simple. That’s exactly what Beeline have done, created a simple straight forward device that clicks you your handle bars and points you in the right direction!

Check out more details and information in the video below

Beeline Moto Black

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The beeline Moto Black shown above is the model most of us will need.

  • Clear and simple navigation interface, mounted on your handlebar and instantly readable
  • A series of mounts available to fit any motorcycle or scooter
  • Works with a free companion app on iOS android, for route planning, route Import and ride tracking
  • Simple, safe navigation for your motorbike

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