Brake Caliper Upgrade and New Disc’s for the GSX1400

For year’s I struggled on with the 6 pot Tokico brakes calipers that come with the GSX1400, when I say struggled I mean rebuild after rebuild and constantly having to clean them. My bike get’s ridden all year round and the 6 pot Calipers do not like dirt and grime, to keep them good constant maintenance is required. Alot of GSX1400 owners don’t have these issues, but I did so it was time to do something about it!

4 pot Tokico’s better than 6 pot?

So what can you do about it? Well you can kind of upgrade, to the Tokico 4 pot calipers from the SV1000’s. Now I say kind of upgrade because on paper the 4 pot calipers are actually lower spec, but compared to the 6 pots they feel better, maintenance intervals are less and the pads cost less!

The best part about the Tokico 4 pots from the SV1000 is that its a straight swap, you don’t need a new master cylinder just swap over a bleed in the new fluid! If you are not confident doing that though get a qualified mechanic to do it!

Whats needed to upgrade:

So in my view the 4 pots are a great alternative to the poorly designed 6 pot’s!

I also recently replaced my disk’s, the old ones where worn badly and were falling off the bobbins, I decided to risk some Chinese versions. I went for these below from ebay, and so far so good, not warping no overheating and generally feel really good, I have had them on for a good 2500 miles. I am not sure if they will last as long as other brands but you save loads!

If you do go for these then the responsibility is down to you if there are any issues.

Click the image to see these brakes

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