Large Monster Truck Brushless Conversion

I show you how I converted a large nitro RC truck to a brushless monster!

So last year I decided to convert an old Tamiya TNX TGM 03 into a brushless bruiser!

Why? Well because at the the time I really wanted to have a large brush-less monster truck, I didn’t have the money to go out and buy one. So I set about buying a used chassis and this came up on ebay.

Before you proceed with a brushless conversion few things to consider are

  • What type of chassis you are going to use?
  • What size motor you will need, do you want torque or speed?
  • Your budget (maybe better to just by a truck RTR)
  • Type of ESC required
  • Can you still buy parts for the chassis you are going to use?
The Tamiya TNX Chassis

As you can see from the picture with my cup of tea this truck is rather large, the plan was to convert to brush-less running on 4s lipo.

My Shopping list at the time, click links for recommended items

This is what i needed to get the truck in good order

The motor mount is slightly different to the one in the original picture I upgraded to that one later on, I can’t remember where I got the original one from.

So first thing first I needed to lock the gears in the drive shaft to 2nd Gear and make sure it went both ways (forward and backwards) some nitro gearbox’s have a one way bearing and you need to enable reverse gear. As this is electric and the motor will run both ways and do the breaking the gearbox needs to be locked

To do this I screwed a 5MM grub screw into the 2nd gear like so

This will lock out the gearbox.

Above are all the bits that you no longer need!

As the car will only use the one locked gear there is no point in keeping the rest of the stuff.

Once I had got the gearbox sorted it was time to strip clean and rebuild

Once I had cleaned all the parts I started putting all back together pretty straight forward when you have the manual.

I rebuilt with sealed bearings these ones, for extra smoothness.

With the car back together it was time to give a quick test on 3S, see the video below.

This was a test on 3s Lipo battery, I had yet to fit the battery tray yet, and I think I was still waiting for the Traxxas shocks.

But I was happy how the truck was coming along, I then managed to fit the Traxxas shocks and the whole thing started to look great!

Once I had fitted the battery tray the truck was complete.

This project really helped me get a better understanding for the electronics on big RC’s and provided me with a brilliantly unique truck to bash with!

Completed Truck!!!

This is a full video walk through of the build

And this video is explaining the upgrade to the motor and mount

Thanks for reading, I hope in someway I have helped you with your brushless conversion project.