ZD Racing Pirates 3 Budget Basher build!

Building a budget basher for under £300

Large 1/8 scale bashers can be expensive, I wanted to see if I could build a capable durable build for under £300!

The only downside is that all of these products take a while to get here due to the fact they are from banggood however some are on 1 week delivery!

Building the budget basher!

Check out my YouTube video below in which I put all the bits together and show you how the ZD RACING PIRATES 3 goes together.

One thing I didn’t mention is the video was the Gyro system that comes with the DUMBORC Transmitter and Receiver Check out the video I quickly put together showing this. In the video you can see as I move the car left to right with throttle on the gyro adjusts the wheels to move them back to straight, this means that the car will track straighter when in use. Great for beginners!

DUMBORC GYRO in action

Here are all the products used in this video, this whole car was put together for under £300. That’s a 1/8 scale basher 6s capable for under £300!

ZD Racing Pirates 3 Rolling Chassis
Racerstar 4076 Motor
25kg Servo UK 1 week Delivery
150amp ESC
DUMBORC 6 Channel with Gyro

Rolling ZD Pirates 3 Chassis and RTR Version also available at Aliexpress

Also check out this full combo for under £80, which is basically everything above!

You can actually buy the ZD RACING PIRATES 3 ready to run here

Full run here

More detailed pictures of the build below

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