Check out the awesome new Bullit 250 Scrambler

Bullit's new 250 scrambler looks stunning!

BULLIT have finally released their latest vintage scrambler, the Hero 250, and it’s been a long time coming. 

We have expected Bullit to take some steps in to the A2 category since it was first seen last year, and it joins the 125 and 50cc equivalent versions to head up a stunning vintage line-up inspired by classic British vintage scramblers of days gone by.

The Bullit Hero 250 is effectively based on the 125 version, but with twice the firepower – the all new motor is a liquid-cooled single cylinder with a twin shaft and four-valve timing, and it doubles the power of the 125 to give you around 25.8 horsepower to play with. Which, for a bike weighing in at around 148kg, will provide plenty of thrills whilst really looking the part.

When it comes to the gadgets and spec, we also see a Fastec swing-arm and spring oil damper, inverted forks and 18 inch front and 17 inch rear knobblies as standard. It’ll have a 6 speed gearbox, electric start and 15L tank – plenty for a few bonus jaunts around the local area. The exhaust itself is also a work of art, and is quite possibly one of the nicest stock exhausts on the market – well, definitely for the 250cc category.

Colourways are black & gold (as seen in the photos), titanium & ‘white-racing’. If you fancy picking up one of these stunning Hero 250 motorcycles, you can expect to find them at the Bullit dealer network with a price-tag of around £3999.

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