Fitting Delkevic exhaust to the Suzuki GSX1400

My Suzuki GSX1400 is coming of age and still has the original exhaust set on it. Unfortunately the original exhaust is prone to corrosion, so this year I decided to upgrade the headers and collector box with a stainless steel set from Delkevic. I already have some decent silencers so only needed to replace the headers and the collector box!

I went for these

At around £250 they are great value and high quality, I was impressed with the packaging and the overall build quality!

They come with everything you need, gaskets for the headers. Gaskets from the headers to the collector box and some extra gaskets for your cans. However if the gaskets don’t fit they also give you some exhaust silicone sealant in the box!

I recomend the following stuff to fit your new exhausts

Before you start the job squirt on about 1 can of WD40 onto the bolts and leave for about 24 hours before removing, this allows the oil to penetrate into the thread allowing you to remove the bolts!

I think they look great on the bike, much better than the rusty old ones!

Check out my video below of this process!

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