Dude Perfect and Traxxas team up again!

Check out this latest collab, FLYING RC CARS!

Few years back Dude perfect did a pretty awesome job of showing off RC CARS to the masses with their original video collab with TRAXXAS. The chances are that if you search RC CARS in YouTube their video will be the first in the list in most cases!
Well now Dude Perfect and TRAXXAS have once again joined forces to bring you this! 
Shouting, wooting, fist pumping, jumping around and some RC CAR action thrown in! 

Now of course the beauty of being huge YouTube stars these cars are given them to play with and do crazy stuff with so you don’t have to! So they can trash XMAX’s as much as they want! 
Anyway enjoy the video!!!
Check out the TRAXXAS website and make sure you check out my channel too

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