Easy VLOG Setup

If you want to setup an easy VLOG system then here is my recommendation

It’s taken me a while but I finally have a VLOG setup that works for me. 

Getting my VLOG setup for trips on my bike has been a trial and error, but with RUROC’s excellent chin camera mount, the GOPRO HERO 8 and the Purple Panda Microphone
I have a system that now finally works and is reliable even at speed! 
The best part is that I can take it all off when not in use!

Check out my setup in the video below

What’s needed?

As in the video above not much is needed but here is a list of products I use

GoPro Hero 8
GoPro Media Mod  
Purple Panda Microphone
Portable Power supply 

In my latest Vlog in a visit to Somerset Classic Motorcycles you can see how well this setup performs! 

Other Bike Stuff

This stuff is good, looking for a lube that don’t fling off like a nutter and smells like bananas!

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