Yamaha MT-01 gets new Michelin Pilot Power 2CT Tyres

Fresh new boot’s for the big vtwin!

The MT-01 was due some new tyres, now usually I would take the wheels off the bike and take them to my local dealers to get the tyres swapped. This time though I decided to try out EMJ bike tyres, this chap will come to your house place of work or anywhere really (mainly the south west) to conveniently set you up with a spanking new set of tyres on your motorbike! 
I had seen him about on social media and a few people had recommend him so why not? 

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On my Yamaha MT-01 I had Bridgestone BT0-23’s installed and although they are a great tyre for this bike I decided I wanted something sporty and grippy, in the past on my Suzuki GSX1400 I had used Michelin Pilot Sport 2ct’s and loved them. So I decided to go for them on the Yamaha MT-01, EMJ will recommend tyres but I decided to go my own choice this time.

EMJ’s quote was very competitive, even compared to taking my tyres loose into a dealership! 

Once you decide on the Tyres for you EMJ will arrange a time to come and fit on your bike, easy!

Above are a few pictures of my Yamaha MT-01 having it’s new tyres fitted!

EMJ tyres were on time, professional and fitted the tyres in no time at all. Really nice guy and I will be using them again! 

My Yamaha MT-01 Posing in its new shoes!

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