Fixing my Yamaha MT-01

Although the overall damage to my Yamaha MT-01 was fairly minimal fixing it up has taken a while. Mainly due to parts taking their sweet time to get here but also me deciding whether or not to fix the tank or leave it!

Check out the video above which shows you in detail how I fixed my bike and also a buyers guide on the Yamaha MT-01

How I fixed my Yamaha MT-01

In my last video I showed how to remove the tank from the MT-01 I was originally going to get it repaired, but due to huge cost’s and not really sure if the repair would be satisfactory, I decided to go ahead and stabilize the area to prevent rust and cover up the eyesore with some excellent carbon covers from
Below are some pictures of my prepwork and the covers on after.
I first rubbed down the area, then cleaned.
I used ETCH primer to stabalise I used 3 layers

Attaching the carbon covers is easy, first you need to remove the tank cover at the front of the tank, then apply some black silicone to the inside of the covers.
Push the covers on making sure they are correctly seated and aligned first.

The other badly damaged parts where the side covers on the frame that go around the air intakes, I decided to get these wrapped by a local car wrappers and the result is fantastic.

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