Fixing the Yamaha MT-01: Removing the Fuel Tank

Fixing up the Yamaha MT-01 after crashing…

Well it had to happen didn’t it? After 11 years of riding the GSX1400 accident free I crashed the Yamaha MT-01 after just a few months of ownership!
Silly accident as well coming up to a roundabout I lost the front end, front wheel slipped away under me and the next thing I knew I was on my backside!

The bike actually faired up pretty well but a dent to the petrol tank was gutting, so my first job after my ankle was feeling better (had a slight break) was to get the tank off and sent off for repair.

Below are the pics of all the damage

Repair List

  • Petrol Tank
  • Left Air Intake
  • Gear leaver
  • Clutch Reservoir
  • Scratches on engine covers

Check the manual here for a full guide

So first up was to get the petrol tank off quite a straight forward job, you will need to empty the tank first I used these

20L Jerry Can

Hand Siphon pump

You will also need a new seal for the fuel pump Part number 19B244860000

You can see the full process in the video below