Convert FlySky i6 to work with RC Cars

How to convert a FlySky i6 to work with RC Cars

The FlySky i6

I find one of the major issues with the RC car hobby is that the pistol style transmitter seems to be king!
Which is fine if you like that sort of thing, but since I got back into the hobby I have tried to get on with the pistol grip but I just can’t.

So I started looking for a stick style transmitter, like in the old days.

Old school 2CH Transmitter

But there is not a huge amount of choice, here is what is available.

Carson 3 Channel starter pack

CARSON C707131 Reflex Stick

Carson offer this 3 channel stick controller but its features are quite limited its great if you are just starting out as it comes with a servo and receiver. It’s not a bad setup but its alot more than other pistol style transmitters which offer a lot more. This is however the only affordable off the shelf stick transmitter, they offer a version with model memory and 4 channel but again it just doesn’t fit the bill!

Absima 2 Channel Stick Radio System Transmitter & Receiver SR2S AFHDS 2.4GHz RC

Next on the budget list is the Absima, actually slightly better looking but again just not enough for the money with whats on the pistol style market.

Absima 2 Channel Stick Radio System Transmitter & Receiver SR2S AFHDS 2.4GHz RC

Again would be perfect for a starter setup if like me you can’t get on with pistol grips.

No middle market!

That’s really your choice on the lower/ starter list there is a huge jump in price after that and I wont go into detail on them but the two other options you have are click to see more detail on ebay

As you can see they are very expensive so I am not about that, I want to show you how to modify the FlySky i6 because its very good value and offers a lot of features.

Modding the FlySky i6

So lets get back to why we are here modifying the FlySKy i6 to work with RC cars below is a video I have made about how to do this

The FlySky i6 is a great piece of kit, its 6 Channel and can even be upgraded to 10 channel with a simple firmware update.

We are just using it for cars so the 10ch side of things is not really required.

In the video you will see that all is needed is that you take off the back and swap the sticks over. You will also need to make sure the transmitter is set to mode 1! See the setup below so basically once sticks are swapped set the controller to mode 1, another simple way to look at is spring left and right on right and spring up and down left!

That’s pretty much it!

If you are looking to buy the FlySky i6 check out the links below!




User manual for FlySky i6 here

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