FTX Outback Mini 2.0 Metal Driveshafts

Recently I showed you how to replace the driveshafts on the FTX Outback mini 2.0

The issue is that the driveshafts seem to be made of cheese and break far too easily, so I decided to go ahead and buy metal replacements.

Metal drive shafts fitted to the FTX Outback Mini

These driveshafts are not made by FTX they are aftermarket jobbies, but having taken that risk I am happy with the results.
They make the model look better, they are stronger and actually easier to fit than the plastic ones. Hopefully they will give more hours of play than standard!

As they come

They come nicely packaged with a tiny Allen key that allows you to screw in the grub screw.

I got mine from Banggood.com I received them in just over a week!

But you can actually by them from ebay.co.uk too here

FTX Mini Steel Driveshafts ebay

So hopefully I have been helpful in helping you make a decision about upgrading the FTX Mini Driveshafts?

Thanks for reading!

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