FTX Outback Mini 2.0 drive shaft replacement

How to replace the Drive Shaft on the FTX Outback Mini 2.0

For Christmas my son received an excellent FTX Outback 2.0 crawler, he loves it plays with it loads. Try’s climbing it over everything including his brother and sister.

One weak point of the the FTX Outback 2.0 Mini seems to be the driveshafts and as a result the tend to break, although to be fair the parts are cheap as you can see below!

I have just ordered these from Banggood if you don’t mind the wait, I will be updating this blog when I get them!

Metal Drive Shaft For URUAV 1/24 4WD 2.4G Mini RC Car Crawler Model Vehicle Waterproof RTR Parts

So we set about repairing my sons….

FTX Mini outback 2.0

In this picture you see the drive shafts are a different colour, they are actually for the older model but fit OK. Will be interesting to see if they are more durable, and a bit cheaper they fit fine as well!

It’s a relatively straight forward job, so hopefully these pics will give you even more guidance, all you need is a small Phillips (cross head screw driver) and some good eyes!

Turn the chassis over and remove the screws holding in the gearbox, there are four of them.

Then pull the rails ever side of the gearbox out just enough to get the plastic lugs holding the gearbox in out.

Pull the gearbox up, then unscrew the links attached to that base plate

Unscrew this screw highlighted above and pull the old shaft off repeat for the other section, then get the new driveshaft end with the “crossed Section” and attach that to the gearbox like below.

The other (diff side) is more fiddly as you try to push the new drive shaft on it want’s to push the connection back into the housing. This is a real pain, I used a very old small pair of scissors to hold the connector in place whilst I pushed on the new drive shaft until I could see the hole line up with the hole on the drive shaft.

Then I grabbed a paper clip and pushed it through this brings the holes into alignment, take out the paper clip and screw the screw back in.

Then offer the two ends of the drive shaft up to each other and put back together in reverse order.

And you have a working FTX Mini Outback 2.0 is back together

Here it is all back together

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