Great way to carry your RC Cars!

Need a way of carrying your RC to the local bash spot?

Some times scrolling through social media you see something that really catches your eye, something that stands out an idea! Then I think what a brilliant solution to a problem. This problem is lugging your RC’s about, I use a trolley when taking my RC Cars down to my local bashing spot.
However if you need an RC Carrier check this out below!

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But what if you want to take one car and a few other bits? Lugging a huge 1/8 scale RC can be a pain, there is not a great deal on the market to actually carry cars around. Well Instagramer bashitrc has it figured out with this (of all things) A guitar Case Carrying Straps!

See below!

What a brilliant idea, you may need a separate bag for your controller and a few lipo batteries but it gives you a safe place to put that ungainly monster!

You can buy this at the following places and

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