Great Value 4ch and 6ch rc remote and receiver

If you have recently brought a ready to run RC car or maybe you are building an RC car like a Tamiya Kit or a crawler, then you might need to think about buying a new Transmitter and Receiver.

Now this can be a bit of a mine field especially if you are on a budget, but there is an excellent budget option that does it all the DUMBORC X6, which has 6 channels and a built in Gyro!


The DUMBORC X6 is available from and normally retails at around £26-£30, which for a 6ch Transmitter with Gyro built in is great value! They also offer a 4ch version but that does not have the gyro option and is a bit cheaper

Check out the two models

DUMBORC X6 6 Channel’s built in gyro

DUMBORC X4 4 Channel’s

Buy from Amazon next day delivery!!!

Now before you go to banggood and spend all your money and wait a few weeks for them to come, there is an alternative available from with free next day delivery (if you have prime)

These are called Crazepony-UK (man I wish they had better names) but they are a re-branded version and available from a UK seller, however they are a little bit more expensive. They are exactly the same as the DUMBORC option from

However the Crazepony-UK do not have Gyro in the Receiver this is worth noting

Crazepony-UK 2.4G RC Car Controller 6 Channel

6 Channel

4 Channel

So there you have it an excellent value for money RC Transmitter and Receiver, which is a great option for builders or if you are looking for an upgrade!