Fixing the GSX1400, dead starter

Just before Christmas, well back in October/ November my Suzuki GSX1400 failed to start. It would make a noise like the battery had failed, which is like a clicking noise when you hit the starter button.

After trying to charge the battery and getting nowhere I noticed that on the dash board I was getting F1 errors, turns out these were C11 and C12 errors.
C11 is camshaft postion sensor fault
C12 is crankshaft postion sensor fault

So after replacing the camshaft position sensor and still seeing the error and still no turn over from the engine I decided to investigate further.

I spoke to a few guys on facebook and the GSX org and decided to see if any voltage was getting to the starter, using a tester I put the negative on the casing of the starter and the positive on the cable connecting it to the battery negative like so. Then hit the starter button….

Low and behold zero voltage, at this point I was positive that the starter was the issue, you should see about 13V.

It makes sense as the bike is usually parked outside all day at the office on its side stand, I would imagine a lot moisture gets into it! So before I ordered a starter I decided to get it out and see if could repair it, taking it apart revealed that the whole thing had disintegrated so no chance of repair.

Removing the starter is a difficult job if you are not confident I would recommend a mechanic do it for you, but here is how you do it.

  • Remove the petrol tank
  • Remove the rear header oil lines
  • Then unbolt the starter
Removing Suzuki GSX1400 starter motor
Extract from Manual
After removal

Once removed it was then a case of just buying another starter, I personally don’t go for brand new things always try to save and go used or refurbished where I can. I was able to pick my one up on ebay check them out here

I was very relieved when I replaced the starter and the bike fired up! It’s always worth trouble shooting things and in this case I was lucky it wasn’t other electrical gremlins!

Thanks for reading, please check out the following pages if you need help with your Suzuki GSX1400