Suzuki GSX1400 Swingarm bearing change

I love my GSX1400 I really do but its getting old and bits are starting to wear out on it. Last year the bike started to track badly and just before MOT I noticed the rear swingarm was rocking about!

So I set about removing the rear end, upon further investigation I found that the bearings had failed on the swingarm.

This part is pretty simple its just a case of unbolting everything I took the opportunity to give everything a bit of a clean up (its filthy again now!)

I removed the swingarm, this is quite an easy job but you will need two 28MM Sockets One for each side.

Then everything got a clean to ready to re-install, changing the bearings was something I decided a professional mechanic should do. This cost me £90 at my local mechanic Grahams Motorcycles

Remember it is very important that when you reinstall the swingarm you tighten it up to the specified torque setting using a torque wrench. Make sure you use plenty of grease on the pivot.

The extract below from the manual shows the correct torque setting

I also decided to replace the chain on the bike whilst I had all the back end out.

All back together ready for MOT and another years riding.

Thanks for reading, I hope that I have helped you out maintaining the GSX1400. Please check out my GSX1400 Buyers Guide

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