Kyosho Mad Van Mk 2 Brushless!

The latest offering from Kyosho the latest Mad Van!!!

The new MAD VAN MK2 is the next generation of the Mad Van series from Kyosho, with Kyosho’s quality and excellent design!
Now with a brushless setup this thing looks to live up to its name.

Hopefully available by mid February this could be a very popular truck!


Blurb from Kyosho below….

A new generation of MAD VAN with even more power and scale

The phasor Mk2 MAD VAN, which condenses the charm of the actual street van on a 1/10 scale, is now available as a VE specification with the power source powered up to a brushless motor and improvements in each part. The powerful TORX 10E brushless motor is installed in place of the conventional G14L brush motor, and the BRAINZ 10 speed controller is newly adopted. As a result, the maximum speed, which was about 40km / h with the brush motor specifications, has been increased to 60km / h, which is 1.5 times higher. The chassis is based on the conventional FZ02L-BT, and the gears are strengthened and the reduction ratio is optimized in response to the higher power of the motor. In addition, the optional aluminum HD center shaft L is also standard equipment to support high rotation. Not only the chassis but also the body change is a point of interest. By changing the grille and lights that were previously expressed in decals to resin molded parts to enhance the three-dimensional effect, and also equipping with a roof guard that protects the body in the event of a fall, MAD VAN can enjoy driving and looks full of American taste. The appeal has evolved to a higher level with VE specifications. Experience the exhilaration of running through the wilderness at high speed with this machine.


● R / C unit including wheeler type transmitter is attached, and it is sold as a ready set that is mounted on the chassis and assembled on the car body. Traction battery and charger sold separately
transmitter that comes with ● the wheel + pistol grip type Synchro KT-231P + change various settings can be performed
● running on a rough road also tough FZ02L-BT chassis of full-time 4WD that Konasu in margin
Ya ● Size A belt type battery is used to fix the battery so that it can be used with different shapes.
● Full ball bearing specifications that improve drive efficiency and durability.
● Various optional parts for the existing FAZER Mk2 can be installed to further improve driving performance. Can be improved
● American van type body with improved details based on the conventional type is attached
● The front and rear light buckets can be equipped with an optional LED light unit (No.97054-4CR). Creates a realistic atmosphere.


Phaser Mk2, which can be said to be the new standard for Kyosho 1/10 EP car chassis. A highly reliable shaft type 4WD is adopted, and the front and rear gear boxes are sealed type that is strong against off-road. The bathtub type frame has both necessary and sufficient rigidity and moderate bending characteristics.


Front and rear suspension equipped with an oil damper that secures a sufficient stroke amount and damping force on the long type upper and lower arms. The front left and right steering knuckles are ball-connected, achieving smooth operation and high crash resistance.


An optional aluminum HD center shaft (No. FAW210) is standard equipment to support the power of brushless motors. Achieves smooth high rotation.


The TORX 10E brushless motor has enough power to make the body of big tires lightly wheelie. By adopting a sealed type motor case, foreign matter is prevented from entering the motor itself and the gearbox.


BRAINZ 10 speed controller for brushless motors equipped with a cooling fan. The program can be changed according to the purpose. Because it is waterproof, it can run without problems even if it rains while driving or if there is a small puddle.


A gearbox equipped with a new type of gear that uses high-strength sintered metal. At the same time as changing the material, the final gear has been changed to low gear so that the power of the brushless motor can be fully utilized. The pinion gear has also been strengthened to a new type machined from steel.


Uses large diameter tires that demonstrate high grip on any road surface. The set comes with wheels glued, so you can use it as is. The wheels are now in a new color, white, to match the renewal of the chassis. Good matching with the body.


The wheelie bar that prevents the vehicle body from tipping over when running on a wheelie is newly adopted from this VE. With the power of the brushless motor, you can immediately bring it into a wheelie (lift the front wheels and run only on the rear wheels), and enjoy powerful action.


Polycarbonate body painted in bright red and white. The motif is an American van from the 1970s to the 1980s, and the bumper and grille, which are separate from the body, and side mirrors enhance the sense of scale. The roof guard is also installed. Includes decal sheet for customizing the body.