MN99 D90 Drive Shaft upgrade

How to source and fit metal drive shafts for the MN 99 D90

Christmas just gone I decided to buy my son who was 2 at the time, this for Christmas

MN99S D90
The MN99s D90

This is the MN99 S which means it has metal gears, these trucks are excellent value for money and it turns out very durable!



So for under £60 you get a whole lot for your money all fully ready to run, LED lights metal gears and loads of detailing. I have chosen not to fit all the detailing as my son would have removed that in no time!

The MN 99 is a fine line between high quality toy grade and almost hobby grade, but its excellent fun and pretty capable trailing over the rough stuff!

Compared to a 1/10 Tamiya CR-01

Up until this point the only thing I have had to do is glue the tyres to the rims.

Unfortunately a few weeks back the plastic drive shaft on the rear sheared, probably because my son was watching the tyres spin round as he drove it into a wall.

So I decided to go ahead and order some metal replacements, much like on my eldest sons FTX Mini Outback 2.0

These are the ones I ordered see on they took a good 2 weeks to arrive from China

Metal Drive Shaft’s for MN 99

At first I thought it would just be a straight swap, but didn’t realise that they were actually designed for the metal axle kit which you can see here

The old plastic drive shafts are push fitted onto the drive gear, the only way to get them off is to use a bit of brute force

To remove the old plastic axle’s get a set of pliers, squeeze hard to distort/ break the plastic then pull off, being careful not to pull the shaft out of the differential box!

You will be left with this, now the issue is the new metal drive shafts will not fit on the connector shafts. You will need to drill them out a bit, I used a 3.2mm bit to just give enough space to slot on to the existing shafts

Once that’s done put a bit of blue thread lock on the grub screw hole, thread in the grub screw a little bit and fit the shaft to the car like so

Nice fairly straight forward job and a more durable little truck!

Thanks for reading I hope I have helped you out with your MN 99 D90 truck or inspired you to get one for yourself! Please check out the rest of my website and YouTube Channel

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