MN 99 Review and run

Review and run of the MN 99 RC D90 Truck

The MN 99 quite possibly the cheapest almost hobby grade RTR off road car their is?!?!
But is it any good?
In the video below I unbox give it a good pull about on the desk and run it in my garden.

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It’s not the first MN99 I have had my other one has been upgraded a little bit but has been through the wars as it was mainly abused by my youngest.

My latest MN99 that features in my latest video

The MN 99 is great out of the box, with everything you need to get going except 4 AA batteries. It has a little 7.2v battery and USB charger.
It takes about 1 hour to charge and you get about 25 minutes run time, the MN99 is not a crawler its a cool little trail truck. By all means upgrade it to make it a cool little crawler but I am happy to keep this one standard.

In the video I talk about its capabilities and what it is good for, but for under £50 its great! Espicially if you are looking for something to bomb around the garden!

The MN99 has excellent detail on the body and in the cabin, you could easily sit a little figure in it for that extra bit of fun. It’s suposed to look like the Landrover D90 and I don’t think its far off!

If you want to buy one of these cool little truck check out the links below



MN 99 Upgrades