Motorcycle prime day stuff!

Deals deals deals and more deals that’s what Amazon promise, and when you look most of its a bit meh!
However there are some cool things on their that have caught my eye so lets dig deeper!
So first of all there is this handy bike cover

Remember to take advantages of these deals you need to be a prime member
If you have never used prime before then you get 30 days free!

On prime day there is a 20% saving so not bad for under £25!

There is also this more budget cover

XYZCTEM Motorbike Cover, Waterproof Heavy Duty

What about this wireless inspection cam things like this can be good for finding niggles in the nooks and crannies

Wireless Inspection Camera

These Microfibre cloths are useful when cleaning the bike and you want to get right down to detailing!

Faireach Microfibre Car Cleaning Cloths

It is worth noting that there are some tools on the prime day deals like this Dremmel, handy for polishing and other small jobs Amazon have nearly 40% off. There are plenty of other tools on offer as well here

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