My Motorcycle Gear and Blog stuff

When i’m out riding it is very important to me that I look good feel good and most of all I am safe! It’s important also that when I film stuff its easy to do so and comes out good quality, below is all my gear and what I use to blog when out on the bike!

Out on the bike

So what’s the gear that I use?

Helmet Ruroc Atlas Core 2.0

Well first of all my helmet, this year I decided to go for a change. I went for the Ruroc Atlas Core 2.0 love the looks of it its comfortable and I went with the SHOCKWAVE bluetooth system for extra practicality. Means I can listen to my banging tunes and take a call if I need to!

Ruroc Atlas core 2.0
Ruroc Atlas Core 2.0 Click here for a full review

Jacket Oxford Hardy Wax

Oxford Hardy Wax Jacket

I love this jacket, looks cool its comfortable, warm and dry.
I initially got this for the summer but I think its going to be great for the winter too!
One thing it could do with is more pockets, but otherwise all good!
Click here to see full details on SPORTSBIKESHOP.CO.UK

Gloves Richa WSS

Richa WSS Leather Gloves

Brought these gloves a few year ago on a bit of a budget, but they are still going. Again comfy look cool and offer excellent protection, I am due some new ones so watch this space!
Click here to see full details on SPORTSBIKESHOP.CO.UK

Jeans RST Metro

RST Metro Jeans

These RST Metro Jeans are again comfy and stylish, plus they protect you in all the right places! They fit my large frame well and offer a long leg so my pepper pig socks don’t show!
Click here to see full details on SPORTBIKESHOP.CO.UK

Boots TCX Street Ace

TCX Street ACE

Always loved the TCX ankle boot range, offer loads of protection are waterproof and you can walk around in them all day if you want!
I recently got a new pear after my last 8 year old pair died!
Would totally recommend!
Click here for full details on SPORTSBIKESHOP.CO.UK

Blogging stuff

Go Pro hero 8 and Media Mod

I love my GoPro Hero 8, my wife got it for me for my Birthday back in July, I use it for everything now. Filming RC stuff in the garage and out on the bike! The image is crystal clear and with the image stabilisation you feel like a pro! The only down full is its battery, lucky if you get 45 minutes so what I do is connect mine up to an external battery pack like these ones here. That means I can film all day! Then I use Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020 to put my videos together

I use mine with the Media Mod this little gadget attaches around the outside to give you far better sound quality and allow power connected plus external MIC if you need it!
The mount that the camera is on is the which allows me to mount the camera pretty much anywhere, I attach it to my top pocket when riding ( you can see the camera mounted below on my chest)

I then connect up an external MIC to it and clip the MIC to my helmets chin curtain of course with the MIC pointing up to my mouth. This allows me to have a chat when filming, although I do seem to get a lot of noise so will be looking at ways of stopping that! The MIC I currently use is this one which you can pickup for just over £10 on amazon here

Then last but not least a selfie stick, these are great when you are somewhere and want to do a bit of blogging, I use the one below!