Muc-Off Motorcycle Cleaner, it’s OK to use!

The controversial motorbike cleaner that isn’t actually that controversial!

Muc-Off bike cleaner is good stuff I have used it for years no issues! 
However some people say it’s too corrosive and certain tests on YouTube would seem to prove this, but I have been using it for as long as I have had bikes.
As long as you use it correctly there really shouldn’t be any problems, its great value for money and does a good job!

My procedure

  • Wet the bike,and wet it well. Cover the bike in gleaming fresh water, not with a pressure washer just a nice soak with the hose!
  • Spray MUC-OFF all over the bike, playing closer attention to the parts that are extra dirty. Don’t worry too much about the chain as that needs to be dealt with separately.
  • Now get a soft brush and agitate the areas, that are more mucky. 
  • Now get your hose and rinse it all off, really really well. If you need to get your soft brush in there and give it a bit more of a scrub as you rinse.
  • Repeat where necessary but make sure you rinse well

Once that’s done clean your chain and sprockets you can follow my video guide below on how to do that using this stuff

Also make sure to check out my ACF-50 application guide HERE, which is essential after a clean especially in winter! 

Other Bike Stuff

This stuff is good, looking for a lube that don’t fling off like a nutter and smells like bananas!

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