My Tamiya Lunchbox!

Keeping my Lunchbox simple and straight forward!

The Tamiya Lunchbox is kind of iconic in the RC world its been around for 3 decades now and barely changed.
The chassis is a typical bathtub shape with a gearbox shoved on the back with a single pivot connecting the whole thing, at the front you have two wishbones connecting straight onto a simple hub. The suspension is basic and badly damped.
Basically the Tamiya Lunchbox handles like a shopping trolley, but that’s what its all about!

My Tamiya Lunchbox
My latest YouTube video featuring the Tamiya Lunchbox

Above you can see the latest video of my Tamiya Lunchbox tearing up the garden!
Great thing about the Lunchbox is it’s very easy to modify for next to nothing for improvements in the handling.

Free Lunchbox Chassis mods

For these mod’s cable ties are your friend, first one tie some cable ties around the top of your suspension mounts. This stops the front being so high and reduces bump steer.

Cable tie around suspension mount

Next up to reduce the slap on the gearbox you can again rely on your trusty cable ties.

As you can see all you need to do is make a couple of holes one behind the mounting point that connects the gearbox to the main chassis and one on the underside plate. Then put a heavy duty cable tie through as tight as you can, this really helps with the slapping about of the rear end!

My Electrics

My lunchbox runs on lipo, however the lunchbox chassis is quite limited on what you can actually fit in i find the GARPOT Lipos fit well. You will need something like the Hobbywing 1060 ESC to run with lipos.

The Hobbywing 1060 ESC

The Hobbywing 1060 ESC allows you to both run on Lipo and Nimh battery’s in my video below I fully explain how to run brushed motors on Lipo

You can see the full write up on that video here

Thanks for reading, I hope I have given you some help with modding your lunchbox for the better. Please consider signing up to my mailing list and subscribing to my channel

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