Oil Change Suzuki GSX1400

How to change the oil on a Suzuki GSX1400

As always I do most of the maintenance on my Suzuki GSX1400 myself and have done pretty much since I owned the bike.

I have done several oil changes myself on the bike, the bike has now done nearly 30000 miles and was due an oil change. I tend to do it once a year, or when the engine starts to sound a bit noisy!

The beauty of the GSX1400 is that it is straight forward to work on.

What you will need to change the oil and oil filter on your GSX1400

In my video below showing you how to change the oil I use the Fomuto drain valve, it means you don’t need to change the plug and run the risk of threading your sump you can buy them here

Check out my full video on my oil change

Manual instructions on changing the oil