Amazing RC SHERP custom build

Amazing custom RC Sherp!!!

Sometimes when you are looking around the internet bored like you do in these lock down times you come across stuff that is just really cool!

Like this RC SHERP!


Picture courtesy of TOMLEY RC

One of the people I follow on instagram TOMLEY RC put a post up of this superb looking scale model of the SHERP truck, make sure you check out his YouTube channel, the full scale trucks in case you haven’t seen them are basically go anywhere 4×4 constant drive amphibious monsters . So to see this scale model got my excited juices flowing, I instantly tried to find where I could buy!

Check out the unboxing on tomleyrc’s youtube below and his instagram.

If you don’t know already tomleyrc is a big advocate for Chinese RC and usually uses banggood to get his toys. However no link to bg anywhere?

However in his instagram description I came across this guy, and you can see he makes custom RC SHERP’S! So unfortunately not off the shelf, but you can get in touch with Sergey below he will build one for you

The RC community never ceases to amaze me, the genius that people show building these custom RC’s is so impressive. Having something like this in a collection would be superb, imagine turning up at your local trail meet with this thing!

Other RC stuff

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