Review of the DUMBORC RC Controller 6 Channel

Awesome budget RC Transmitter

If you are into your RC and reading this post then you are probably thinking the same as I was a few weeks back, is this remote any good!
The straight answer is yes! For under £30 with 6 channels and a gyro this thing is awesome!

Check out at ALIEXPRESS

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  • Excellent Range
  • 6 Channels
  • Well built
  • Excellent value
  • Gyro

I used it here on my under £300 basher build

Although the controller is a bit plastic and feels a bit cheap, it is built well.
It’s got 6 channels and the 6th channel is used to control the gyro sensitivity although it does seem to be either on or off!

Quick video showing the DUMBORC gyro in action

So if you are looking for a cheap but good value RC remote and you need gyro (trust me the gyro makes any car amazing) then I would recommend this remote!