Triumph Rocket 3 Launch

On Saturday I popped up to Total Triumph just outside of Taunton in Somerset to go and check out the brand new Triumph Rocket 3

Big bike for a big bloke!

The Rocket 3 is a really big bike, weighing nearly 300 kilos it hides its weight well! I am 6’6 and it feels great for me. There are plenty of people there shorter than me that had no problem getting the bike off its stand, the weight is well distributed and low set. Which I am sure will mean it handles well and keeps itself together in the corners, unfortunately I have not had the chance to ride it yet so can only speculate on the way it handles.

The Standard Model

The Triumph Rocket 3 comes in 2 models, the standard jobby and the GT, the standard model has rear sets set to a more normal riding position and the handle bars are further forward. I preferred this to the GT which has the foot pegs right out in front like a cruiser and handle bars further back, the standard setup is around £19500 and the GT 2 around £21500!

The GT Model!

I loved the design of the new model, it does make the old model look dated though. However it is a completely new design and you can’t blame triumph for going down that route. I love it and would love a go on one, maybe one day!

Check out my video of the visit below!

Check out Total Triumphs ebay goodies here

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