RUROC ATLAS 3.0 summary

I take a look at the brand new ATLAS 3.0 from RUROC

So the new RUROC ATLAS 3.0 has dropped today and it looks amazing, but alas unless someone wants to give me one I will not be buying this time. I am happy with my 2.0 and only got it in June 2020 so im sticking with that, but let’s have a good look at the 3.0 and see why it may be the right one if you have been holding off buying a RUROC helmet until now?

Below are my top three designs the RUROC ATLAS 3.0 CORE, LIQUID CARBON and the SLIPSTREAM.

What's New?

What isn’t new, it really looks like RUROC have listened to the critics and upped their game the new ATLAS 3.0 in design (looks wise) appear the same. However there are a range of new features!

  • New edge to edge visor design, RUROC have removed the plastic housing on the 2.0 and replaced with a seamless all in one visor.
  • To tackle the demisting issues, RUROC have incorporated an an extra position in the visor to allow you to open it a small amount for help demisting.
  • Quieter, now that RUROC have removed the visor covers it should be less noisy
  • New Liner, RUROC have integrated the liner into the helmet for more comfort and have changed the material.
  • The new visor mechanism on the new ATLAS 3.0 is 25% smaller, so apparently making the helmet safer
  • New Seal, the new seal further reduces water and wind ingress and provides an even quieter and more comfortable ride. They have a new locking system for the visor too! 
  • Better integration with Bluetooth system and better buttons, the new SHOCKWAVE now features bigger buttons and fits into the helmet seamlessly with a magnetic fitting systems . The SHOCKWAVE now comes with rider to pillion intercom as well! 

Features up close

So all in all it looks like RUROC have really pulled out the stops and with the prices similiar to the 2.0 I think its a great helmet for the money!

Check out RUROC.COM for the full range!

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