Ruroc Atlas Core 2.0, first thoughts

Hurrah I have received my Ruroc Atlas Core 2.0, I ordered it on the 16th of April and received it yesterday.

Ruroc Atlas Core 2.0

So what are my thoughts? Well the build quality seems good, the look and styling are awesome. It is comfy and fits well, however there are some issues.

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It is quite noisy but not wind noise, its like I can hear more around me. I can hear the engine clearer ( which I like) so maybe not the worst thing, I would imagine ear plugs would fix. There is a Rumour that Ruroc are releasing some vent covers that help, so will keep an eye on that.

The visor needed adjusting on the lock, I couldn’t get it to go up easily there are instructions on how to adjust in the box on the back of a fancy poster.

The vent at the front is open and closed by a leaver on the inside of the helmet that makes it awkward to open and close it on the move, I guess its just because of the overall design.

I got mine with the Bluetooth system, below are some pictures of me fitting it (not a guide). Its a bit fiddly but easy enough to fit, it’s OK as Bluetooth system in that you can listen to music and receive calls but its not great. Speakers leave a bit to be desired and the buttons are too small, I may get used to it. It came with the latest firmware version which if you haven’t already you can get here

UPDATE July 2020: Ruroc agreed that the stock speakers where a bit naff, and sent out free upgraded speakers to all people that ordered a shockwave after March, I have received the new speakers upgraded the firmware to the latest and all is good it is now at the level i would expect!

Overall love it, its totally different to what I am used to but awesome all the same. I would give it an 8/10

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