Save on the DJI FPV

Save £££££ on the DJI FPV!

The DJI FPV is the next big model from DJI and it looks pretty good, for the money you get everything you need! 

Through the usual EU channels such as the DJI site and Amazon the DJI FPV retails for around £1,249 although of course you are likely to receive it within a few days and if you are a prime member it will be with you the next day! 

Save ££££ on the DJI FPV

However if you are willing to wait a while (a few weeks) you could save a few quid!


Currently on BANGGOOD.COM you can buy the DJI FPV for just £1,060.44 + £22.23 delivery that’s a total of £1082.67 saving a whopping £166.33!