Superb 1/10 Injora RC parts build

I check out PADDY RC’s brilliant crawler made from Injora parts

The hobby of model building is an excellent pastime from building unassembled kits of your daily driver. To crafting unique creations from scratch it can literally be anything you want it to be your only limitation is imagination. Some of us like to purchase scale replica’s from well known brands such as traxxas or axial. And get straight to playing out of the box others might make a few modifications and upgrades as they continue to use their model and others, well they build from nothing Aka ‘scratch building’.
Scratch building encompasses many forms of model rc making from compiling off the shelf components with your own fabricated parts to fabricating every single part yourself.

Here we see PADDY RC aka Fimspresentrc, Paddy RC utilises his engineering skillset to create some truly unique examples of scratch building. Often using everyday household objects, and if that wasn’t enough to wet your model building appetite.

Paddy’s builds are constructed on a strict budget, meaning his builds are accessible to anyone. Much like my own site TOMSTC paddys YouTube channel fims presents rc contains a plethora of hobby videos Covering the model building genre, tutorials and much more! Be sure to check out his Facebook and YouTube pages below.

Excellent Crawler from PADDY RC

Today I want to show you one of his recent projects, a 1/10th scale crawler using Injura parts and other bits and pieces. Which makes this a proper budget build, see some of the build process below.

Here are links to all the parts in the chassis build below from AliExpress



I recommend this chassis


If you need Controller ESC and Motor check out the Injora Store

Check out the build over on MSUK too  

Below is the Video on FIMS RC from his first test run 

Thanks for reading and a big thanks to PADDY RC for letting me show you guys his awesome stuff! 

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