Tamiya Clodbuster Steering Mod!

Check out my write up on upgrading the Tamiya Clodbuster’s steering

Let it be known that the Tamiya Clodbuster is an excellent RC car, its big bouncy and fun!

But its flawed in one particular area, the steering! A standard Clodbuster uses a huge pair of rods to steer the front and rear steering, although it’s OK its a woefully bad design out of the box. It doesn’t center properly and just puts a lot of strain on the servo.
I tried to fix this issue here below in this video but it was never great…

So I decided to go ahead and upgrade to full axle steering upgrade from UKMONSTERS.CO.UK here ebay.co.uk


Check out UKMONSTERS ebay shop for all their items

Anti rotation Brackets (stops gearbox’s twisting) ebay.co.uk

Full list of things needed to do this upgrade:

If you are running a transmitter that allows channel mixing then you can do that as well.

If you want to lock out the rear steering you can use this kit UK Monsters lock out kit

Here is some detailed pics on fitting the steering servo link upgrade

As you can see its a pretty straightforward fit, for more on this awesome upgrade check my video below

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