Tamiya Wild One Max, yes you can drive it!

The Tamiya you can drive!

The Tamiya wild one is a small 1/10th scale RC care with years of history, the Tamiya Wild One Max is an 8/10th Scale car you can flippin’ drive!

Tamiya Wild One Max

The Tamiya Wild One Max is a small car completely based on the even smaller Tamiya Wild One RC car!
But it’s not an RC car, its big enough to drive!

The small car company have teamed up with Tamiya and the company that brought you Bugatti Baby II and Aston Martin DB5 Junior, the Wild One MAX will be a rear-wheel drive, off road electric buggy.
At approximately 3.5m long, 1.8m wide and weighing around 250kg, the Wild One MAX will take up a bit more space than the R/C kits of the past. But just like the original, you get the opportunity to assemble these models at home.


  • Rear wheel drive
  • Top speed from 48 km/h (30mph)
  • Peak power from 4kW (5.5 bhp), with a range starting at 40km (25 miles)
  • 15” off road tyres
  • Hydraulic Brembo disc brakes with regenerative braking
  • Adjustable driving seat
  • Racing steering wheel and digital gauges
  • Multiple driving modes to suit all types of drivers
  • Lots of Hop-Ups including faster top speeds, more power and even the opportunity to convert your Wild One MAX to be road legal in some countries!

This is not some fancy project, you can buy this from wildonemax.com
You need to stick down £100 deposit though

Don’t fancy the max then stick to the 1/10th scale kit here