Tamiya CR-01’s come for a woodland walk (trail)

Me and the family will often go for walks in our local area, we are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place in the UK.
Sometimes we will take the RC cars with us, and the Tamiya CR-01 is a perfect companion for this trip.

These are our two Tamiya CR-01‘s, the one on the left the green Defender is pretty much standard and owned by my son. The one on the right is mine it has lots of metal hop ups and a Carisma Coyote shell/ body.
My sons was faultless but my drive shafts kept slipping, but ah well it was a good walk out with the cars. See my fun little video below, most of the filming was done by my wife and some by my 6 year old daughter!

Some more pics from the walk

Specs of the trucks:

Green Landrover Defender Tamiya CR-01

Grey Pickup Style Tamiya CR-01 with Coyote Carisma body

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