TCX Street Ace Boots Review

Review of the TCX Street Ace motorcycle boot

When I ride my bike I not only want to feel protected but comfort is big thing for me, so for the last 8 years I have been wearing a pair of TCX casual boots and they finally gave up the ghost. Even though they were commuted in everyday and didn’t leave my foot all day long, they are still wearable!

My old TCX Casual’s lasted 8 years of riding and walking around all day!

So as it was my birthday my lovely wife decided I needed some new ones, and here they are…..

They just look cool with full protection as well, also fully waterproof and comfy enough to walk around in all day!

I have ridden with them a few times and they are just as good as my old ones, they have extra grippy soles so your feet don’t slip off the pegs. I got caught in a down poor and they are totally waterproof too…

They match my Ruruc Atlas Core 2.0 as well so that’s a bonus!

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Overall they are an excellent motorcycle boot for everyday use

  • Full grain leather upper construction combined with suede inserts
  • Waterproof lining
  • Toe and heel reinforcements
  • Lacing closure system
  • Anatomic and replaceable footbed
  • High wear-resistant rubber sole

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