Top RC Cars for Christmas

Budget RC cars for RC beginners this Christmas!

My guide to the top RC cars for Christmas.
You know the deal, so what do you want for Christmas kids “A remote control car!!!!”
Your mind goes blank you sit there and think oh my god these things are so expensive and the cheap ones are awful!!! However fear not i’ve been there and learnt!
If you are an RC car newbie hopefully I can help you out.

RC cars are a massive minefield type RC car into google and literally tons of things come up, mostly the cheap nasty ones that you wont realise are cheap and nasty until you run them on Christmas day. So if this is your first time entering in to RC I have put a small list together that is guaranteed to get the smiles on and make you feel like you have spent your hard earned cash on something actually enjoyable, but also not spent the earth!

At the bottom of this post are some other RC’s that are sure to put a grin on your face too

The list is in no particular order…

Wltoys 144001

The Wltoys 144001 is a hugely popular RC car that is a Chinese model with good reputation, they may be small but these buggies are fast and durable, they are well built have an excellent spec and come with batteries, charger and controller so on Christmas you can unbox charge and run!!!! The controller comes with a speed control that lets you slow down the top speed, you will need this as the car can do about 30mph out of the box. So its a good way of easing into the top speed!

The Excellent WLTOYS 144001

Whats in the box?

  • Fully assembled RC car 1/14th Scale with huge 550 Brushed motor
  • Controller (requires 4 AA batteries)
  • 2 Lipo batteries
  • 1 Charger

I gave one of these away over on my youtube channel earlier in the year, they truly are an excellent way to get into the hobby. I recommend buying the following with it as if it breaks and it’s likely it will at the hands of a little one you don’t want to wait ages for parts

You can also buy this car from the following places



Check out other awesome starter RC from

FTX Carnage

FTX make a number of excellent RC cars and they are a good budget buy, I have gone for the FTX Carnage as they offer excellent straight out of the box play and although maybe not hugely durable they offer incredibly cheap parts, and the electronic parts are waterproof!

The FTX Carnage is 1/10th Scale its what known as a truggy so it’s a cross between a buggy and a monster truck, it looks awesome!

The FTX Carnage brushed is fast enough beginners and thanks to cheap parts means if you do break it its not going to break the bank

Whats in the box?

  • Fully Assembled Car
  • Controller
  • 1x Battery and Charger


Another FTX but this time a little bit cheaper and smaller ideal for the garden, much like the WLTOYS 144001 but not as fast and not 4WD, however still an excellent little car all the same!


The FTX commet is quick and light great fun in the garden and pretty durable, again as its FTX the parts are cheap and easy to replace!

Whats in the box?

  • 1 Fully assembled car
  • Controller
  • Battery and Charger

Other places to buy



Tamiya Lunchbox 1/12

My Tamiya Lunchbox

Tamiya offer a huge range of RC and the cars they offer are all pretty much kits, which means you have to assemble yourself. The kits only come with an electric motor and that’s it!

This means a great project as well, the only issue being that Tamiya kits are not cheap and you need to buy the controller, speed controller (ESC), steering servo and batteries and charger all seperate.

If you want to go Tamiya I recommend the following to complete your kit!

The Tamiya lunchbox is an excellent starter car its easy to build, and great fun

Other excellent out of the box ready to go options from BANGGOOD!

HBX 18859E RC Car 1/18

This little thing is fast and great for small gardens and such like, but its easy to use comes with everything you need and must of all fun!

1/32 Scale carpet racers!

Excellent stocking filler, this little things are a bit crazy but superb fun. Buy a couple and have your own indoor race circuit in the front room!!

XLF X03 1/10 2.4G 4WD 60km/h Brushless RC Car

The next step up this is a large car and quick, this excellent truck flys!!!
Needs lots of space, sure to bring big smiles and great value!