Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS 2021 Sneak Peak

Sneaky peak at the new Triumph Speed Triple RS 1200

Latest news from the land of Triumph!

Teasers are cool they get your bike juices flowing, makes you wonder and think oh what could it be how many new horses does it have. Will it have better this and that, then you usually get to the official release day and it all seems to be a bit of an anti climax!
However the Triumph 1200 RS looks very interesting with 50 more CC’s lets check out what else it may be packing!!!!
Below is the sneaky peaky video from Triumph for the new 1200 RS, which gives sod all away!

It just mentions THE REVOLUTION IS COMING what does that mean?
Looks like there is going to be a bit of carbon here and there too.

New headlights carbon mudguard?

This looks like this could be the biggest most powerful engine in the triumph’s range so if they are keeping up with other makes we should expect to see in the region of 180 bhp!
The new bike will be revealed on the 26th of January so lets look forward then for full specs and to see what this new bikes looks like! Stay tuned……

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