Tunai Button, Remote for your Bluetooth helmet

So last year I brought my Ruroc ATLAS core 2.0, with the shockwave 2.0 bluetooth unit. After the updates and upgraded speakers it’s now a pretty cool device, however the stupid buttons on the shockwave are far too small to operate safely with motorcycle gloves on.

The SHOCKWAVE 2.0 buttons are just too small!

So I decided to invest in one of these the Tunai Bluetooth button

Now what this basically does is acts as a remote control for your phone, so it’s totally separate to the helmet’s Bluetooth unit. You connect this up to your phone be it Apple or Android and then connect up your helmet, you can skip tracks answer calls pause and play and turn the volume up and down!

See my full review in the video below and how I apply it….

It comes with a magnetic mounting plate that you mount on your handle bars or anywhere really. I have mine mounted on my handle bars and it works a treat. Although the buttons are smallish I have not had issues selecting them with my gloves on.

The other great thing about it is it has a battery that last’s about 3 years, so you wont need to muck around charging it all the time.

If you want one you can buy it from AMAZON on the link below