Verge TS all new Electric Motorcycle

I check out the all new offering from Verge, with integrated motor in the rear rim its certainly different

Check out the all new VERGE TS and all new electric motorcycle from an all new manufacturer!
With some special features……..


  • Intergrated Rim Motor
  • 80KW (about 100bhp), 1000nm of tourqe!
  • 180 mile range

Those are some pretty impressive specs, I especially like the Rim Motor. Basically meaning there will be no drive chain or shaft no mess, which is a bonus.
The 180 mile range starts to put it in an actual usable long journey bike, would be interesting to see how it fairs up in the real world though.
I actually like the design of this bike, it has road presence and an agressive stance. 

Oddly it seems to have two sets of pegs?
I would imagine that the mid range set double up as pillion pegs and the front are for a more cruise like position.  

Also seems to have a large 240 rear section which I suppose adds to the looks and maybe is required considering the motor is housed in the rim itself! 
The dashboard does not look too dissimilar from your modern bikes but there is a huge display where the tank would traditionally be and there are some buttons on the switch gear that I would imagine control things here. 

With Ohlins and what looks like impressive build quality this looks like a great addition to the electric motorcycle market, but coming in with prices over the £20k mark its going to need to be nothing short of fantastic! 
Check out the Verge Motorcycles Website for more info

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