New Steed Yamaha MT-01

My new bike the Yamaha MT-01

Wait what?
You have replaced the Suzuki GSX1400 with that?!?

This is the usual response I get from other 1400 owners when I say I have got a new bike and gone for the Yamaha MT01 1700!
That’s right I have left the world of the Suzuki GSX1400 and gone for a Yamaha MT-01, the fire breathing massive 1700cc air cooled push rod 150nm @ 3475 revs!

MY 05 Yamaha MT-01

So why did I go for this bike?
Well for me the first thing is the looks, it just looks so raw and big and cast from the very earth we walk on. It leaks character its so different from anything else on the road, and the noise! See video below….

The noise this bike makes from the Akropovic exhaust’s blasting up the hill is like nothing else, riding the massive wave of torque as you go!

I will have some on board footage on my YouTube channel shortly!

The bike handles well, better than the GSX1400 and that’s with the standard setup. So I am sure I will be able to get it to handle even better with some tweaks, it suits my lanky frame better too. My bum sits nicely into the seat so there is less pressure on my legs.


Nothing yet its pretty standard apart from the Akropovic’s and the tail tidy, I may install wider flatter bars but we will see

Keep an eye on my channel for full video soon!

Engine size1670cc
Engine type8v V-twin, 5 gears
Frame typeSteel spine
Fuel capacity15 litres
Seat height825mm
Bike weight240kg
Front suspensionPreload, compression, rebound
Rear suspensionPreload, compression, rebound
Front brakeTwin 320mm discs
Rear brake267mm disc
Front tyre size120/70 x 17
Rear tyre size190/50 x 17
Max power90 bhp
Max torque110 ft-lb
Top speed131 mph
1/4 mile acceleration11.9 secs
Tank range116 miles

My bike gear

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