Yamaha MT-01 TPS replacement

The Yamaha MT-01 is a big lumpy engine and as a result sometimes can feel a bit cumbersome. When I first got the bike I just put this down to it’s quirks and characteristics, however as time went on those “characteristics” became a problem. One of the main issues was the engine completely loosing power for a few seconds, dangerous mid corner and nightmare is accelerating hard! After some research I found out that the issue is the TPS or Throttle Position Sensor, these were actually replaced under warranty on quite a lot of Yamaha’s but mine got missed.
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Symptoms of a faulty TPS

  • Engine cutting out
  • Poor idle (hunting)
  • miss fires
  • Unable to hold a speed

So I found out the issue seemed to be my TPS that was faulty so I set out to replace it, I purchased one from Fowlers Motorcycles Yamaha Part number 3P68588500

Once I replaced the TPS the bike was totally different pulls harder, smoother through gears and obviously now not missing and cutting out.
I have noticed better fuel economy and able to hold a speed better no constantly adjusting the throttle.

Replacing the Throttle Position Sensor

To replace this you will need the following tools

First take the engine cover off on the left hand side you will expose the stuff underneath, undo the bolts in red and disconnect the hoses in blue.

You can then remove this whole section

Then undo the two hex bolts in red and the two 11MM headed bolts in white, there are several hoses that need un-cliping and removing, this is quite fiddly make a note of what hose goes where.

Now using a TORX security bit remove the two screws circled in red and remove the OLD TPS.

You will see this

Throttle position sensor connected up

Now it is just a case of connecting up your new TPS and reversing the procedure, always a good idea to connect everything up loosely and check the bike starts up OK.

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