Yamaha MT-09 2021

Full specs of the Yamaha MT-09 2021

Last week over on my facebook page I put up the sneaky peak video of the new Yamaha MT-09 for 2021, and now we have the full specs so lets take a look!

So the first thing that is the most obvious is that headlight it looks like a single LED projector light bit odd looking but might grow on me.

The tank looks pretty cool and angular more so that the old model

The swingarm looks more beefy and the numberlate holder is back to the traditional type

The dash looks like a TFT screen with new options and the usual traction control stuff riding modes etc etc

Full new specs below

➡️ All-new CP3 motor (new pistons, rods, cams and crankcases)

➡️ Now 889cc with 3mm bigger bore

➡️ +4bhp to 117bhp at 10,000rpm, 93Nm at 7,000rpm

➡️ Quickshifter/blipper

➡️ 6-axis IMU with TC, Slide Control, etc

➡️ New ride-by-wire and ‘Accelerator Position Sensor Grip’

➡️ Taller 1st and 2nd gears, plus a new shift fork

➡️ All-new frame is 2.3kg lighter with revised geometry

➡️ 189kg wet weight (4kg less)

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